Mahalakshmi Engineering College

Academic Excellence

The college Academic performance is well eschewed in the quality of our faculty and the head of the institution, who are all learned, experienced and dedicated teaching professionals. In their hands, the academic excellence of our institution is shining with every passing day and the students are getting better and better in their academic endeavor. The following flow chart shows the innovative and practicality based teaching being inculcated in our institution:

  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty who interact with industry and are updated to the current trends of industry.

  • Refresher courses given to faculty to keep them sharp and focused on the requirement of the students

  • Extra care and coaching for students who are lacking in any particular subject

  • Teaching done in such a way as to make the students understand what they are studying hence making it a learning process.

  • Guest lectures conducted frequently by eminent persons belonging to the industry

  • Industrial visits to the facilities of various leading industries organized in a frequent interval to let the students have a first hand experience of industry

  • Industry interaction cell functions with student participation to organize events and visits to industries.

  • Students made to do their own projects in the campus itself with assistance from qualified and able guides

All the above initiatives lead to the students understanding their subjects better and achieving academic excellence.

Additional vocational skills training integrated into the 8 hour time-table

  • Training given to students on vocational skills which are related to their academic studies.

  • Well qualified and trained faculty conduct vocational skills courses in the campus.

  • All vocational courses are integrated with the time table hence ensuring the students do not have to spend extra hours.

  • Live projects given to students to assess their standard of learning in vocational skills.

  • Due priority and focus is given on developing the skills of the students hence ensuring they are stand-out students in the competitive world

  • Soft skills training is imparted from the first year itself, thus ensuring that our students are more communicative, linguistic, confident and authoritative in whatever they do.

Mahalakshmi Engineering College
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