Mahalakshmi Engineering College


MEC is replete with excellent facilities with the sole objective of providing standard amenities to our students. The following are some of the amenities provided for the convenience of the students.


Wooden chairs and tables are no longer in vogue here. Our classrooms have stainless steel chairs and tables for the benefit of the students. Further, we don’t merely encourage our faculty to fossilise with the chalk and talk method. In order to bring about a paradigm shift in the teaching/learning process, every classroom has an LCD projector for students to experience the advantages of learning through multimedia.


Our laboratories are stocked with the latest equipment that is essential for our learners’ practical training. (To be supplemented with pictures of Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Lab and Basic Workshop)

Language Laboratory

We have an open-access state-of-the-art language laboratory to hone the basic communication skills of our learners. Training in Communication Skills is provided to all students through pattern-practice methods, learner-centred activities and language games. We make optimal use of international audio and video resources to usher in participatory learning and to enable students to acquire study skills and life skills. Students are given rigorous training in the Language Lab in order to prepare them for campus interviews and further future prospects.

Drinking Water

Pure and clean mineral water is available for everyone in MEC. An RO plant is installed in the campus solely for this purpose.

Amenities for Physically Challenged Students

MEC values the significance of physically challenged students in society. Therefore, special toilets have been designed for such students. Further, ramps have been constructed on both sides of the main entrance to facilitate hassle-free entry for them. A lift has been stationed mainly to ease their movement within the main building.


Food for the mind cannot be digested unless it is well-substantiated by food for the body. MEC houses a canteen that provides tasty, nutritious, and hygienic vegetarian food. The most important point to note is that MEC provides free lunch for all students.

First Aid Centre

We are fully aware of the fact that slips, falls, cuts, and bruises are common among staff and students. Our first aid centre takes care of such cases. Further, we have a doctor who visits the campus twice a week and who is readily available in cases of emergency to take care of our staff and students.

Mahalakshmi Engineering College
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