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Teacher Training Policy

A new faculty member who completes his / her studies in a timely manner from any technical institution and joins in our university needs basic training, he / she is required to provide quality outputs in the short run so that they lead to meaningful outcomes for the discipline in the medium duration which in turn a valuable impact for the institutions in the long duration. Therefore the faculty member is required to plan the efforts and their directions to make the academic carrier meaningful.

  • Faculty Induction Programme (FIP) has to be implemented just after recruitment of fresh teachers.
  • He/ She have to keep abreast with the latest syllabus in his subject.
  • New faculty members are trained to develop the art of preparing a systematic lesson plan and effective classroom interaction developing competence in communication skill in various models relevant to technical problems.
  • Training in human values through an appropriate process of self-exploration happened to be, by for the most important component of the training of fresh teachers.
  • A teacher also has to learn the knack of continuous knowledge updating and lifelong learning.
  • Apply the concepts, principles, and process of instructions and learning to ensure effective implementation of the curriculum.
  • Demonstrate ethical and responsible, professional behavior in the performance of his duties and rules.
  • Also at successive stages of teaching career, training inputs about curricular development, infrastructure development, Institutional development, disciplinary and other important aspects of educational administration and policy formulation etc., will also be needed.
  • The points explained above required the development of a comprehensive training policy for young inductee teachers at different stages of their carrier as well as meeting different needs.
  • To prescribe the structure and contents of the training program at different levels.
  • To monitor, facilitate and successfully improve the quality of training by proposing to develop suitable resource person resource material and carrying out action research.
  • Continuous updating of technical subject expertise by making mandatory, the successful completion of at least one subject course offer through technology based means every year from anywhere in the world.
  • Basic understanding of the teaching – learning process.
  • Training in preparing a systematic lesson plan and effective classroom interaction.
  • Guided exposure to good teaching practice and lab development.
  • Teaching in miscellaneous expects other than teaching such as administrative procedure, financial procedure and legal implication etc.,
  • A fresher is required to attend two seminar / workshop / conferences in an academic year.

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